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My name is Michelle Duncan and I love chocolate. I consider myself a baker, workout enthusiast and I am a physical therapist for my full-time career. I’ve got to work the chocolate off somehow, right? 

I grew up in Portland, Oregon which is where my baking began. The first recipe I can remember baking was my grandmas very own banana bread recipe. Since then, during my free time, I enjoy baking desserts to share with my friends and family. My husband, Stephen and puppy Koda are my number one fans and taste testers. Over the past few years, my love for baking has grown and I now bake cupcakes and cakes for Weddings and parties in the Portland area. I also have experience with gluten-free baking and therefore many of my recipes can also be made gluten-free, even if it is not listed.* 

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*My kitchen is not a gluten-free kitchen.

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  1. I am so hungry for chocolate! I would like some recipes that use 60-70% dark chocolate and are low in fat,please.

  2. I got to try Michelle’s Chocolate and Pumpkin Swirl Cupcake last evening. And It was terrific. I Have had acouple of different ones now and so far nothing but greatness.. MMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmm

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