Michelle, Owner, BakerMy name is Michelle and I grew up in Oregon which is where my love for baking began. Throughout my college years at OSU, I would often bake cookies, brownies and cupcakes for all of my roommates and friends. After moving to Boston for graduate school a few years later, I created More Chocolate. I updated the blog frequently, posting recipes and photos on Pintrest; I was so excited because one of my recipes had been shared over 100k times! One winter, I thought it would be fun for my mom and I to take a cake decorating class where we learned the art of decorating. Then, in April 2014, I was given the opportunity to bake for my friends wedding and with my moms help, we baked over 250 cupcakes! Since then, I have baked for birthday parties, bridal showers, weddings, and fundraising events. In early 2019, I discovered that I had been living with a gluten and dairy sensitivity and since then I’ve spent numerous hours researching and experimenting with gluten and dairy free options. When I’m not baking, you will find me working at the local hospital as a physical therapist, playing with my two dogs or relaxing with my husband, Stephen.

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